Geological and Geodynamic Context of the Teide Volcanic Complex

  • Juan Carlos Carracedo
  • Francisco J. Perez-Torrado
Part of the Active Volcanoes of the World book series (AVOLCAN)


Long-lived and lively debates commenced in the Canaries several decades ago regarding geological evidence that potentially helps to clarify important features and processes of ocean island volcanism. This included the true nature of the crust underlying the islands, the ultimate cause for the existence of the magmatism in the archipelago, and how large-scale morphological features that shape the islands, such as rift zones and giant landslide scars, have actually formed. The Canaries, once considered to be remnants of an older and larger sunken landmass, are now firmly integrated into the general framework of ocean island volcanism, thus gaining from the abundant geological information published in this field, and in return, providing volcanological data of global significance for ocean islands elsewhere.


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