Micro-Diagnostics: X-ray and Synchrotron Techniques

  • Bernd Randolf Müller
  • Manfred Paul Hentschel


Beyond classical X-ray techniques are used for the purpose of preferably short-term applications, but some supplementary X-ray and synchrotron techniques for higher resolution microdiagnostics take advantage of scattering effects. In contrast to directly imaging methods their resolution is only limited by the diffraction limit of the X-ray wavelength, far below the atomic dimensions. These techniques of scanning topography and refraction synchrotron tomography may permit the systematic diagnostics for finding and exploiting structure/property relations like correlations among atomic, nano and microstructures with macroscopic properties. Their basic advantage over microscopic techniques is their potential for the non-destructive characterisation of materials, far from invasive sample treatments. They combine scattering and spatial resolution.


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