The MVPN Technology Study Report Based on Rosen Draft

  • Jin Wang
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 127)


The application of MVPN techonology is more and more widely these days, the correlative correlated technic standard has been revised for nearly ten years. MVPN is a technique basing on BGP/MPLS IP VPN supporting Multicast service, that transmit multicast data via private networks by encaspsulating private multicast packet and transferring via multicast tunnels established by every size. The first part of the report majors in describing the developing status of multicast VPN according to technical draft and studying of Cisco Co. ‘s implementation. Firstly, the report introduces the technic background, then expatiate the basic theory and implementating technic of MVPN. Whereafter the paper introduces supporting things of some mainstream verdors on this technical draft.


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