Design and Application of Remote Monitoring System Based on CAD for Foundation Pit

  • Min Hu
  • Bang Chen
  • Qingtao Xia
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 126)


It is important for foundation pits’ construction to monitor the movement of ground and wall in real time as well as analysis them effectively. Although a lot of monitoring data is collected, how to use these monitoring data to get useful information or hazard early-warning is still difficult. To avoiding deficiencies in current monitoring systems of foundation pit, this paper proposed a new monitoring system based on CAD, which mining monitoring data according to actual processing and surrounding environment. This paper introduces the system architecture, database design, functional design, interface design and monitoring information analysis in detail. The status and problems of engineering are embodied by unique data visualization and the dynamic change of work processing .The system was used for the foundation construction of Shanghai Metro Line No. 11 Cao Yang Road Subway Station, and its effectiveness in foundation pit construction engineering has been proved.


CAD Foundation pit remote monitoring system 


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