The Design and Realize of Slope Safety Assessment System along Highway in Mountainous Area

  • Xiaosong Lin
  • Qing Yu
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 126)


In China, Slopes along highway in mountainous area are very much and their distributing is wide, also the slopes are affronting geological environment and the naissance of them are double-quick. It is difficult that evaluate the stability of the slopes along highway at present. The design and realize of slope safety assessment system along highway in mountainous area are described. In holistic safety assessment subsystem, the importance arrangement of various indexes can be made based on simple dependent function and the analytic hierarchy process and expert reliability based on the matter element analysis theory to revise the weights of index. Also, the way of matter-element extension to build matter element extension model for high slope along highway in mountainous area are imposed. In local safety division subsystem, through coupling the unified strength theory and the Lode stress parameters, the mathematic model is established for calculating the local safety and stability of the high slope along highway in mountainous area. Based on ArcGIS9.3, the high slope data are pre-processed and analyzed. And by using the finite element analysis software, the study profiles of high slope are numerical simulated. The relevant parameters of each node of the studied profiles are acquired. Then the stimulation results are further analyzed and visualized by ArcGIS9.3. Finally, the safety division maps of the study profiles are obtained. The result indicated that the compositive system can provide veracious information for slope safety and straightway roads.


Rock Burst Finite Element Analysis Software Local Safety Unify Strength Theory Slope Safety 
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  1. 1.Key Lab. for the Exploitation of Southwestern Resources & the Environmental Disaster Control EngineeringMinistry of EducationChongqingChina
  2. 2.College of river & seaChongqing JiaoTong UniversityChongqingP.R. of China
  3. 3.Postgraduate-departmentChongqing JiaoTong UniversityChongqingP.R. of China

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