Numerical Studies of Hypersonic Binary Gas-Mixture Flows Near a Sphere

  • V. V. Riabov
Conference paper

Diffusive Effects in Binary Gas-Mixture Flows near a Sphere

Diffusion processes have a significant effect on the structure of a low-density gas mixture flow near blunt bodies [1], [2]. The effect of abnormal increasing of the temperature recovery factor at the stagnation point of a blunt body in the rarefied gas mixture flow was studied experimentally by Maise and Fenn [3]. The structure of rarefied gas mixture flows about a sphere was analyzed by Molodtsov and Riabov [4], [5] using numerical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. The normal shock wave structure in binary gas mixture was studied by Center [6] and Harnet and Muntz [7]. Direct Simulation Monte-Carlo (DSMC) technique was used by Bird [8], [10] and Plotnikov and Rebrov [9] to study the flow.


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