Shockwave Beyond

  • Kazuyoshi Takayama
Conference paper


When we became interested in shock wave research, it was nearly the end of the Apollo Project. Many of shock wave researchers left from high-speed gas-dynamic study and work for other topics, for example, bioengineering.We were, at that time, new comers and were not knowledgeable which research topics would be most appropriate to beneficial to the course of the Institute. At that time it was named as the Institute of High Speed Mechanics, and high speed meant high-speed water flows. We then became interested in shock waves in liquids and bubble dynamics.

However, I was fascinated with shock tube experiments and decide to visit Professor Glass of the Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto, UTIAS from 1977 to 1979. In staying UTIAS in case I could not find any hope of future development in shock tube research, I decided, I should readily leave from the shock tube experiments. Professor Glass once worked for weak underwater shock wave generation by collapsing a pressurized glass sphere but already gave up this topic. He was at that time renown as one of the leaders in shock wave research and published an enlightening book of comprehensive shock wave research [1]. Then I learnt not only shock tube research but also his philosophy of shock wave research. My research works are strongly motivated by him.


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