Boundary Branch Points

  • Anthony Tromba
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In this chapter we first show that Dirichlet’s integral possesses intrinsic second and third derivatives at a minimal surface \(\hat{X}\) on the tangent space T X M of M:=H 2(∂B,ℝ n ) of \(X =\hat{X}|_{\partial B}\) on the space \(J(\hat{X})\) of forced Jacobi fields for \(\hat{X}\). In particular it will be seen that \(J(\hat{X})\) is a subspace of the kernel of the Hessian D 2 E(X) of Dirichlet’s integral E(X) defined in (8.1) below, and an interesting formula (see (8.16)) for the second variation of Dirichlet’s integral is derived.


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