Higher Order Derivatives of Dirichlet’s Energy

  • Anthony Tromba
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In this chapter we take the point of view of Jesse Douglas and consider minimal surfaces as critical points of Dirichlet’s integral within the class of harmonic surfaces X:B→ℝ3 that are continuous on the closure of the unit disk B and map ∂B=S 1 homeomorphically onto a closed Jordan curve Γ of ℝ3. It will be assumed that Γis smooth of classC and nonplanar. Then any minimal surface bounded by Γ will be a nonplanar surface of class \(C^{\infty}(\overline {B},\mathbb{R}^{3})\), and so we shall be allowed to take directional derivatives (i.e. “variations”) of any order of the Dirichlet integral along an arbitrary C -smooth path through the minimal surface.


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