Downhole and Surface Equipment

  • Davorin Matanović
  • Marin Čikeš
  • Bojan Moslavac
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Completion as such is meant to be a link between drilling the borehole and the production phase. Without completing the well, hydrocarbons are not able to flow up hole under control. As a phrase, completion involves all the wellbore tools, accessories or tool assemblies involved in any wellbore operation. On the other hand, without proper surface equipment, which is one of the key factors for successful sand control operation execution, it is not possible to treat the fluid on the surface and pump it downhole.

This chapter is concentrated on sand control tools designed to prolong well life by eliminating sand production mechanically trapping it behind various downhole devices. All open or cased hole completions comprise of many different tools, accessories and devices like screens, packers, seal assemblies, running tools, blank pipes, safety joints, and other. They are introduced as an overview of possible tool combinations in certain occasions. Surface equipment consisting of mixers, pumps, blenders, filtering units and devices designed for treatment execution monitoring is presented as well.


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Pumping pressure, Pa


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  • Bojan Moslavac
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