Isotopic Microanalysis: In Situ Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of the Finnish Precambrian

  • O. Tapani RämöEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences book series (LNESS, volume 137)


In situ isotope geochemical methods based on secondary ion mass spectrometry and laser ablation inductively coupled mass spectrometry have revolutionized research of geological materials. Accurate and precise information of several isotope systems can now be swiftly acquired from 5 μm to 50 μm diameter spots of minerals, and these data allow a detailed scrutiny of intra-crystal variation of geochronologic and isotopic tracers. Overall, in situ isotope data have added a new dimension to the study of the Earth’s lithosphere through time and geochemical modeling as a whole. The most important gain from in situ methods, compared to conventional isotope analyses, is that they allow extraction of information from separate domains of individual, microscopic crystals. These methods have been applied to the study of the Finnish Precambrian since 1991. The research published thus far has mainly utilized the geochronologic U-Pb method on the mineral zircon, but also tracer isotopes such as hafnium and oxygen in zircon and boron in tourmaline are becoming important. The studies have revealed important new concepts and many unexpected details from the almost 4 billion years of geological history registered by the Finnish bedrock, and will most probably continue to do so for many years in the future.


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