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The year 2008 marked the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters. As part of a centenary celebration, the disciplinary groups of the Academy of Sciences and Letters organized a series of mini-conferences focused on timely research topics (see The Group of Geosciences organized two events: the year was opened with a symposium titled From the Earth’s Core to Outer Space (January 9–11), and in the spring and summer an Exhibition of Geoscientific Expeditions (April 3–September 30) was open to general public at the University of Helsinki Museum Arppeanum. This book is based on a collection of articles originating from the presentations given at the symposium and on the Proceedings published in Finnish (Haapala and Pulkkinen 2009).


Iron Silicate Rapakivi Granite Karelian Craton Medieval Climate Anomaly Space Weather Effect 
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