Application Case: Policies for Long-Lasting Safety of Nuclear Power Plants

  • Yukio Ohsawa
  • Yoko Nishihara
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In the last chapter, we defined the Innovators’ Marketplace as a process of innovative thought and communications that uses the Innovators Market Game (IMG) as a core step. In this chapter, IMG and the Analogy Game (AG) are regarded as tools integrated into the Innovators’ Marketplace. AG is included here because it enables participants to reflect on subject data to conceptualize essential goals for technicians at nuclear power plants. The framework of tsugology is used here as the backbone of idea representation. The case we present demonstrates how reflecting on participants’ consciousness of tsugoes during the Innovators’ Marketplace process has a positive effect on the quality of the ideas obtained.


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  1. Ohsawa Y, Nishihara Y (2010) Innovators marketplace: process of innovative communication applied for policy marking on atomic plant aging. In: Proceedings of the international symposium on the aging management & maintenance of nuclear power plants (ISaG 2010). Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo, pp 3–16Google Scholar

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