Analysis of the Current Teaching Situation and Countermeasures of Yoga Course in Anyang Institute of Technology

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Analyzing the current teaching situation of Yoga curriculum and proposing the suggestion is helpful to enhance the teaching quality of Yoga curriculum. This research applied the documentary data method, questionnaire method, interviewing method and the logical analytic method to research the present situation of the Yoga curriculum development, the Yoga teachers and the facility equipment in Anyang Institute of Technology. The result showed that: to improve the teaching quality should pay attention to the following several aspects: perfecting the teaching arrangement and optimizing content of Yoga course; raising the vocational abilities of Yoga teachers and expanding the teachers troop; improving the teaching environment of Yoga course.


Yoga Current teaching situation Countermeasures Anyang institute of technology 


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  1. 1.Department of Physical EducationAnyang Institute of TechnologyAnyangChina

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