• Anna Andreenkova


For the last twenty years face-to-face interviews in respondents homes have been the dominant method of interviewing the general population on a national level in Russia. Furthermore, the importance of this method is not diminishing yet, even when taking into account all difficulties and complications related to it: increasing costs, relatively long interviewing periods, respondents’ concerns regarding security (allowing strangers into their home), decreasing response rates XE "response rates" , the need of travelling on long distances and high communication costs in such a large country. Face-to-face interviewers and telephone survey methodology have both been introduced in Russia at almost the same time – at the end of 1980s. This coincided with the start of social-economic reforms, the “Gorbachev era” of openness and free circulation of information (“glasnost”). Since then surveys of general population became an important part of public life and a widely-used method in the social sciences.


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