Optical Motherboard

  • Ulrich H. P. Fischer-Hirchert
  • Ulrich Krzysztof Nieweglowski


In this chapter, the hybrid integration of optoelectronic components on a suitable substrate such as silicon, ceramic, glass, or PCB is set out in detail. So far, this technology is succeeded only in approaches to produce a wide range of applications with this technology. The large number of additional technologies such as flip chip technology, vapor deposition , and silica etching makes the production of complex component groups very expensive and complex. A potential approach to lower the complexity and hence the fabrication costs is the integration of optics into printed circuit boards. The key for wide adoption of optics on board-level is the development of compatible processes for integration and assembly. The chapter addresses these developments and shows the supremacy of PCB-integrated optics for applications where high energy efficiency and bandwidth density are particularly in demand.


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