Synthesis of Seven Good Practices in Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems

  • Maryam Golnaraghi


Earlier chapters of this book have detailed seven good practices in Early Warning Systems (EWS) for hydrometeorological and other hazards that have proven effective in reducing losses from such hazards. The seven cases presented in this book encompass examples from different governance and institutional frameworks, levels of economic development, geographic and climatic regimes, including developed countries such as Germany, France, Japan and the United States of America, the developing country of Bangladesh, the island nation of Cuba and the mega-city of Shanghai-China. Despite the socio-economic, cultural, environmental differences and individualized approaches to the operation of their EWS, all share the common characteristic that their EWS are successful in reducing losses of life and property from hydrometeorological and related hazards within their respective jurisdictions. This chapter synthesizes lessons learned and analyses key principles common to the success of these systems. These Principles are considered to be universally applicable, being not only independent of individual countries’ socio-economic, cultural, political and institutional conditions but also allowing for EWS operations that are adapted to local circumstances. They draw attention to fundamental lessons, considerations, systemic issues and practical challenges that need to be addressed when undertaking the task of implementing or improving EWS in any jurisdiction. It is hoped that these principles will prove useful to governments and various agencies who are seeking to establish or strengthen their EWS within their own borders.


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