The Tropical Cyclone Early Warning System of Cuba

  • José Maria Rubiera Torres
  • Miguel A. Puig


For more than 40 years, the Cuban Government has been investing material resources and human capital in the creation and improvement of its early warning system for tropical cyclones and other alert systems. As a result, the resolution of meteorological and hydrological monitoring systems has been strengthened through the acquisition of new equipment, the training of specialists and the development of working tools that improve understanding of the hazards. Plans have been refined and structures have been perfected to ensure their implementation along with the population’s preparation, at national to local levels. An extensive network of radio and television stations, newspapers and other facilities has been established to ensure the rapid dissemination of alert messages. Recently, local access and distribution points for early warnings have also been set up in communities at greater risk. Associated with the local administration centers, these outlets contribute to ensuring the timely transmission of information for the reduction of municipal risk. In summary, Cuba’s system has the following key components:
  • The technological capabilities of the meteorological service to predict the occurrence of hazardous events and issue specialized warnings for the Civil Defense and a clear explanation of the current and future situation to the population at large.

  • Ensuring the application of plans elaborated from modeled risk scenarios to advance preparations by institutions trained for their implementation and reinforced by a prepared population with an appropriate perception of the hazard. All of this facilitates rapid mobilization.

  • A network that uses all available means, from advanced technology to people themselves, to ensure the rapid transmission of alert messages.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • José Maria Rubiera Torres
    • 1
  • Miguel A. Puig
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute of MeteorologyNational Meteorological ServiceCuba
  2. 2.National Staff of the Civil DefenseCuba

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