A Review of Information Logistics Research Publications

  • Darek M. Haftor
  • Miranda Kajtazi
  • Anita Mirijamdotter
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 97)


‘Information Logistics’ has presented itself as an intellectual and professional domain addressing the question of timely providence of the right information. A question that emerges then is: What is Information Logistics? To answer this question, a comprehensive review of research publications was conducted, where ‘Information Logistics’ was featured in the publication title. A detailed analysis of the content of these publications identified eleven different research directions, where five are currently active, all in Europe. Among various findings, the results show that these research directions have been pursued independently of each other, addressing different kinds of research questions and contexts, utilising different research approaches, and therefore generating a variety of unrelated research results. All the reviewed research here shows that there are numerous unmet empirical needs in our human and social affairs, as well as a need for intra-disciplinary developments, which calls for a joint mobilisation of the research efforts.


Information Need Lack of Information Literature Review Content Analysis 


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  • Miranda Kajtazi
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  • Anita Mirijamdotter
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