The Research on Network Courses Education Resources Integration Based on P.E.

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With the computer technology and network communication technologies, networks have become the majority of people learning and living in the main channel to get information, online teaching has become of the times and social development of modern means of education. Powerful computer-based information dissemination network capacity, excellent performance of resource sharing, advanced two-way interactive and multimedia technologies for teaching modern distance education can provide a wealth of teaching resources and flexible forms of teaching, improve student learning initiative and flexibility Conducive to individualized teaching and learning. Teaching Physical Education Curriculum for space conflicts, learning and training conflicts and other issues, Physical Education reform should make full use of the advantages of modern distance education, integrated curriculum resources, teaching time and space to expand, enrich teaching ways to make physical education to meet the requirements of social development.


Network Courses Education Resource Integration P.E 


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  2. 2.Sports Engin. Research Inst., Wuhan Inst. of P.E., Key Sports Engin. LabGeneral Administration of Sport of ChinaWuhanChina

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