Improvement of flatulence, neck constriction, fatigue during menses, restlessness, morning stiffness, nasal congestion, and taste. Eruptions of small pimples on chest and anus. Aching and cramps in the muscles and joints of the extremities. Skin itching without eruption. Numerous cold-type symptoms: ear pain, cough, agglutinated eyes, bleeding or chapped or cracked lips, dryness of lips or mouth, lassitude, restlessness, stiffness, numerous head pains especially in the forehead, hoarseness. Aversion to company, irritability, difficult concentration and dull, slow mind. Nasal congestion, coryza, discharges or postnasal drip, and sneezing. Throat pain that is raw, sore, scratching, and worse on swallowing. Major constipation with ineffectual urge, straining, or insufficient stool. Hard, dry, or sticky stools. Appetite increased or decreased.


Nasal Congestion Head Pain Throat Pain Postnasal Drip Zinc Gluconate 
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