Anxiety mentally and physically, and especially felt in the chest when breathing and in the stomach. Itching or tickling experienced in the eyes, ears, and throat and larynx. Sleep cycle is affected, with restlessness, difficulty falling asleep, or waking. Improvement of the normal symptom of flushes of heat. Dreams of sickness and health. Delusions about body parts. Dreams of premonition. Depression. Food desires for bread, milk, and sweets. Itching of the ear. Nasal discharge. Paroxysmal sneezing. Molar pain. Scratchy throat pain. Difficulty in swallowing. Tickling in the throat from postnasal drip. Dry throat. Increased or decreased appetite. Heartburn or burning stomach pain. Nausea. Distention. Sharp gas pains. Flatus in the evening. Frequent urging for stool. Hard or soft stool. Sleep that is restless, has frequent waking, or difficulty falling asleep.


Nasal Discharge Stomach Pain Soft Stool Food Craving Sharp Pain 
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