Prominent features of this remedy are coryza, scratching throat pain, and forehead headaches. Mental confusion and difficulty in concentrating. Vivid dreams. Light-headed feeling. Forehead headaches worse on waking in the morning. Coryza and scratchy throat pain. Diminished appetite. Constipation with straining. Soft stools. Aching pain in the lower limbs. Waking from sleep to urinate. Anxious dreams. Unremembered dreams. Fears. Irritability or improvement of premenstrual irritability. Aphthae in the mouth. Nasal congestion. Constipation with straining. Diarrhea. Difficult respiration. Difficulty in falling asleep. Sleepiness. Difficult waking in the morning. Frequent waking. Waking with the desire to urinate. Diminished appetite or decreased premenstrual appetite. Empty burping. Nausea. Hard stools. Soft stools. Dry throat. Throat pain, especially scratching pain.


Nasal Congestion Premenstrual Symptom Soft Stool Sour Taste Metallic Taste 
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