Mental dullness, forgetfulness, and irritability were also prominent. Increased thirst, flatulence and rumbling throughout the gastro-intestinal tract, constipation with straining, and soft stool. Irritability. Anger. Concentration difficult. Mental dullness and forgetfulness. Tired and fatigued. Flushes of heat. Light-headed sensation. Pressing and dull head pain localized in the forehead. Clear, copious nasal discharge. Painful sore throat. Increased thirst for cold drinks. Flatulence with rumbling. Cramping abdominal pain. Constipation with straining. Flatus with soft stool. Delayed onset of the normal monthly menstrual flow. Chest constriction. Aching back pain. Sleepiness worse in the daytime and evening.


Soft Stool Vision Blurry Offensive Odor Restless Sleep Tendon Pain 
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