The musculoskeletal system is strongly affected, with stiffness of the muscles, joints, and bones. Headaches and light-headedness are also associated with it. Anxiety and mental dullness and restlessness are also prominent. Anxiety. Mental dullness with irritability. Mental restlessness. Angry. Weeping with sad thoughts. Muscle, joint, and bone pain. Generally worse in the morning. Tired and fatigued. Feeling light-headed and faint. Dull headaches. Forehead headaches. Tingling all over the head. Sore-throat pain. Frequent burping. Nausea. Abdominal distention and flatulence. Cramping abdominal pain. Rectal pain. Flatus. Painful joints. Heaviness, restlessness, or awkwardness of the extremities.


Burning Pain Rectal Pain Blurry Vision Lower Quadrant Abdominal Muscle Throb Pain 
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