E-UBIAS - Cognitive Systems for Image and Biometric Data Analysis

  • Lidia Ogiela
  • Marek R. Ogiela
Part of the Cognitive Systems Monographs book series (COSMOS, volume 17)


UBIAS systems which conduct semantic analyses are also capable of biometric identification using the following characteristics:
  • individual;

  • physical;

  • behavioural

The main individual characteristics are determined for every image analysed. However, if they concern a specific case, then they have to be identified in the base in which they are defined as identifiers of that case. For instance, if what is analysed is an image of the hand of someone with one finger much shorter in the right hand, then the definition of the pattern for that person should contain a correctly defined pattern of that person’s hand covering finger lengths, including the unusual length of one of them.


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