Analyzing the Performance of Dither Modulation in Presence of Composite Attacks

  • Xinshan Zhu
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In this paper, we analyze the performance of dither modulation (DM) against the composite attacks including valumetric scaling, additive noise and constant change. The analyses are developed under the assumptions that the host vector and noise vector are mutually independent and both of them have independently and identically distributed components. We derive the general expressions of the probability density functions of several concerned signals and the decoding error probability. The specific analytical results are presented for the case of generalized Gaussian host signal. Numerical simulations confirm the validity of the given theoretical analyses.


Error Probability Additive White Gaussian Noise Host Signal Watermark Signal Quantization Index Modulation 
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  • Xinshan Zhu
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  1. 1.Information Engineering College of Yangzhou UniversityYangzhouChina

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