No Longer Condemned to Repeat: Turning Lessons Learned into Lessons Remembered

  • David D. Walden
Conference paper


Many organizations have Lessons Learned processes in place, and both positive and negative lessons are dutifully captured in corporate Lessons Learned databases. Even with a well-defined process and an effectively designed database, many of these supposed Lessons Learned are not really learned at all. Subsequent projects often struggle to find lessons that are both accessible and relevant to their current endeavor. As a result, many organizations “relearn” these lessons over and over again.

This paper explores how an organization can transition from Lessons Learned to Lessons Remembered. Instead of having future projects “pull” information from a Lessons Learned database, it describes how Lessons Remembered can be “pushed” to relevant stakeholders via updates to an organization’s set of standard process assets. In this manner, the Lessons Learned become Lessons Remembered.


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