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  • Franziska Zacharias
Part of the Cognitive Systems Monographs book series (COSMOS, volume 16)


In this chapter, the technical terms relevant for this work are introduced. Furthermore, on different levels of abstraction, components are described that are necessary for a service robot to solve manipulation tasks. The state of the art in high-level logical planning, also called task planning, is analyzed. Here the focus is on robotic manipulation problems. In the subsequent sections, it is analyzed how low-level planners like path planners, grasp planners and robot placement planners are used to solve the subtasks involved in manipulation, e.g. moving to an object, grasping it, and transporting it to a different position. It is examined whether knowledge representations are used to speed up or facilitate planning processes. Furthermore, it is outlined how the high-level and low-level planning can benefit from the use of knowledge representations.


Humanoid Robot Mobile Manipulator Path Planner Motion Primitive Grasp Planning 
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