Faster Or-Join Enactment for BPMN 2.0

  • Beat Gfeller
  • Hagen Völzer
  • Gunnar Wilmsmann
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 95)


We propose an efficient algorithm that enacts the control-flow of BPMN, in particular the inclusive Or-join gateway. The original algorithm for enacting Or-joins in BPMN 2.0 needs, upon each token move in the diagram, linear time in the number of edges of the diagram to find out whether a given Or-join is enabled, whereas our proposal essentially needs only constant time to do so.


Outgoing Edge Incoming Edge Execution Cost Input Edge Token Move 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Beat Gfeller
    • 1
  • Hagen Völzer
    • 1
  • Gunnar Wilmsmann
    • 2
  1. 1.IBM ResearchZurichSwitzerland
  2. 2.IBM Software GroupBöblingenGermany

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