Experiences with Service-Oriented Middleware for Dynamic Instrumentation of Enterprise DRE Systems

  • James H. Hill
  • Douglas C. Schmidt
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This paper describes our experiences applying a test and evaluation (T&E) service-oriented middleware framework called the Open-source Architecture for Software Instrumentation Systems (OASIS) to the Unified SHIP platform, which is a representative system for next-generation shipboard computing systems. The OASIS service-oriented middleware framework discussed in this paper enables instrumenting distributed software systems, such as enterprise distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) systems, to collect and extract metrics without a priori knowledge of the metrics collected. The flexibility of OASIS’s metametrics-driven approach to instrumentation and data collection increased developer and tester knowledge and analytical capabilities of end-to-end QoS in shipboard computing systems. This paper also discusses our strategy for deploying OASIS in a cloud environment.


Object Management Group Cloud Computing Environment Common Object Request Broker Architecture Memory Probe Complex Event Processing 
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