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6 The Geological Dissertation the Prodromus on a Solid within a Solid in Italy 1668

  • Troels Kardel


On December 8, 1667, Stensen, after renewing his taking of the Catholic confession, received the sacrament of confirmation from Nuncio Trotti. Immediately afterwards he received the order from King Frederik III to return to Denmark and soon after, the chamberlain of the Grand Duke, Bruno della Molara, communicated to Stensen the court’s intention to depart on Sunday after lunch for its usual winter move to Pisa, adding that this could be discussed in more detail in the palace at midnight. Stensen himself, if he wanted, could leave on December 9 to embark on his “mussels journey”.


Eighteenth Century Solid Body Seventeenth Century Prism Layer Rock Crystal 
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