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XXV Anatomical Observations Concerning the Eggs of Viviparous Animals

  • Troels Kardel
  • Paul Maquet


To confirm and light up observations of friends on the reproduction of animals from an egg, let me add to their works what divine generosity pointed out to me from the dissections of various animals concerning the eggs of the viviparous. By egg I mean not only the round vesicles full of humour which constitute a great part of the testicles but also the chorion with all its contents. I use terms which are usual for most people, the testicles of females meaning the ovaries, the uterine tubes and horns, and the uterus meaning the oviducts. The ovaries of the female testicle provide the principle of the egg. The oviduct, i.e. the horns of the uterus with the uterine tubes, provide what is required for the perfect growth of the foetus.


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