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8 Under Cosimo III In Florence

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When Stensen informed Viviani that he was preparing for the journey back to Florence, he also expressed the desire of obtaining a room at his disposal in which he could carry out experiments on the liquids of plants and their relation to the liquids of animals. Grand Duke Cosimo was immediately ready to satisfy Stensen’s request and charged Viviani to find a house with a small garden on the other bank of the river Arno. Since it was not ready for occupancy before November 1, Cardinal Leopold temporarily accommodated Stensen in the house of a chaplain. On July 1, Viviani expects Stensen to arrive within the next eight to ten days and on July 11 he informs the court administration: “On the order of His Highness one shall give to Mr Niels Stensen from Denmark who resides in the Casino of S.Marco by favour of Mr the Cardinal’s dean. . . ”, followed by an impressive list of objects that apparently was established for a large company: 24 French napkins, 16 large and 16 small plates, copper tableware, bed curtains, cupboard, table and tables, pictures, etc. The first reception thus already showed the benevolence with which the new Grand Duke met Stensen and which he would maintain during his entire life.


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