What Prognostic Clinical Factors Must Be Considered Before Treatment?

  • Claus Rödel


Pretreatment prognostic factors comprise both patient- and tumor-related characteristics. Female sex has been shown to be associated with a more favorable survival; however, it is unlikely that there are gender-specific differences in rectal cancer-specific survival rates. Higher rates of toxicity and treatment deviation have been noted among elderly patients. An increased body mass index was associated with a decreased likelihood of sphincter preservation and an increased risk of local recurrences. Tumor-related risk factors include circumferential, tethered or fixed, obstructing, and low-lying tumors. The cT- and cN-stage are associated with the risk of failure; however, they do not separate different prognostic groups equally effective compared with the ypT- and ypN-stage. MRI-defined risk factors comprise the spread of the tumor into the mesorectal compartment, the distance of the tumor to the mesorectal fascia, and the identification of extramural venous invasion.


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