Microscopical Anatomy

  • Klaus Draenert
  • Yvette Draenert
  • Tim Pohlemann
  • Gerd Regel


The hyaline articular cartilage appears remarkably smooth, both macroscopically and on examination by light microscopy (LM) or transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and even – after introduction of the cold stage – in the scanning electron microscope (Hunter 1743; Davies et al.


Femoral Head Cancellous Bone Hyaline Cartilage Cold Stage Femoral Head Necrosis 
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  • Klaus Draenert
    • 1
  • Yvette Draenert
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  • Tim Pohlemann
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  • Gerd Regel
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  2. 2.Klinik fÜr Unfall-, Hand- und WiederherstellungschirurgieUniversitätsklinikum des SaarlandesHomburgGermany
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