Understanding NIEM and Rules Needs

  • David R. R. Webber
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The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) approach is being adopted for government information sharing applications in the United States, Canada and Mexico. While these XML based message exchanges themselves solve the mechanics of moving data electronically there exists a whole raft of other challenges on both sides of the exchange equation. Senders need help determining when, if and how to distribute information and similarly receivers need to understand how to utilize the information with effective analysis and decision making. Also associated with these information transfers are legal issues of control, privacy, security and auditing. All these are areas where rule agents and rule technologies can be effectively applied to automate aspects of the exchange handling, provide alerts and information checking and then analysis to guide human decision makers. In the arena of healthcare exchanges rule agent participation can alert medical staff to potential life threatening situations and help guide patient care processes to avoid common mistakes and omissions.


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