Application of Sports-Based Project Teaching Mode in Cultural Education for Athletes

  • Wei Chen
  • Mei Yang
Conference paper
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Athletes’ learning is influenced by internal factors, such as the level of cognitive development of students, achievement motivation and the corresponding personality characteristics, and external factors, such as teaching concept and curriculum concept. Constructivism which is the further development of cognitive theory and constructivism learning mode has made a profound impact on the teaching reform. So the mode of athletes’ cultural teaching should be adapted to the trends of teaching reform and athletes’ characters. By using the method of literature study and observation, this paper analyzes characteristics of athletes’ learning style and theoretical basis of project teaching mode. Based on these this paper constructs a new sports-based teaching mode in athletes’ cultural teaching.


Teaching Mode Teaching Reform Achievement Motivation Project Teaching Metacognitive Strategy 
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  1. 1.Wuhan Institute of Physical EducationWuhanChina

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