Technical Elements with Topological Support

  • Jaime Gil Aluja
  • Ana Maria Gil Lafuente
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 276)

A Topology Named Clan

With the aim of advancing in the construction of technical elements capable of being used in the solution of economics and management problems, we will begin with the already presented axiom of the topology which we reproduce in continuation:

  1. 1

    \(\O \in T(E)\)

  2. 2

    E ∈ T(E)

  3. 3

    (A j  ∈ T(E), A k ∈ T(E)) ⇒ (A j  ∩ A k ) ∈ T(E)

  4. 4

    (A j  ∈ T(E), A k ∈ T(E)) ⇒ (A j  ∪ A k ) ∈ T(E)

    If we add a fifth axiom to these four:

  5. 5

    (A j  ∈ T(E)) ⇒ \((\overline{A}_{j} \in T(E))\)



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