• Jaime Gil Aluja
  • Ana Maria Gil Lafuente
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 276)

Genesis of a Topology

In the introductory part of our work we have attempted to provide a visual idea of topological space. For this concepts such as environment, proximity, adherence, accumulation, isolation and border have been turned to, all of them taken from the texts which may today be considered classic in topological literature. It now corresponds to place these notions in vocabulary which is easily assimilable by the necessary algorithms for the treatment of economics and management problems. Although, and above all, we hope that our work gets as close as possible to a study whose base is found in the strictest axiomatics. It will be seen that some words have remained, resisting our expected demands. Others have left their protagonism to new terms, supposedly more suitable to express the thinking which they wish to represent. From these parameters we will begin our journey making reference to the notion of filter base as an elemental concept capable of generating other concepts.


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