Conformance Checking of Dynamic Access Control Policies

  • David Power
  • Mark Slaymaker
  • Andrew Simpson
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6991)


The capture, deployment and enforcement of appropriate access control policies are crucial aspects of many modern software-based systems. Previously, there has been a significant amount of research undertaken with respect to the formal modelling and analysis of access control policies; however, only a limited proportion of this work has been concerned with dynamic policies. In this paper we explore techniques for the modelling, analysis and subsequent deployment of such policies—which may rely on external data. We use the Alloy modelling language to describe constraints on policies and external data; utilising these constraints, we test static instances constructed from the current state of the external data. We present Gauge, a constraint checker for static instances that has been developed to be complementary to Alloy, and show how it is possible to test systems of much greater complexity via Gauge than can typically be handled by a model finder.


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  • David Power
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  • Mark Slaymaker
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  • Andrew Simpson
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