Future Center – An Unconventional Approach to Promote Intellectual Capital Potential

An Overview over International Developments and the Perspective of National Adaptation
  • Günther M. Szogs


The knowledge society is attested everywhere in Germany and at the same time an inadequate culture of social dialogue bemoaned. The most prominent examples are the disputes over the Stuttgart 21 development or considerations as to how a different citizen participation in the intellectual discussions was to be arranged. Using the example of the financial crisis politicians such as the ex-chancellor Helmut Schmidt or Steinbrück, the Finance Minister responsible at that time, bemoan a loss of sustainable dialogue and serious collective consideration. Whether by media or mediator, – communication between social agents and not just about issues, seems to be a major weak point. For this purpose there also needs to be places to hold the meetings – the Federal government, for example, is considering a House of the Future. Reason enough to examine houses of the future, or future centers, in other countries, compare them with German establishments and reflect on an adaptive approach prescribed by responsible social thoughts and actions.


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