An Abbreviate Representation for Semantically Indexing of Physically Massive Data Out of Sensor Networks on the Rove

  • MinHwan Ok
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Vehicles are becoming smart by their equipments with sensors and actuators. The equipment would report the detected malfunction status or monitored faulty part to the driver, and it should report that to a sort of a traffic control center as the defective car might require a professional support. It is preferable to transmit the collected data after reducing the amount data. In this work, an abbreviation method is proposed to preserve the substitutes of data probably significant. The abbreviation reduces the amount of data to be transmitted and stored, by abbreviating the data into substitutes remained useful to the calculations in detecting malfunction status or monitoring faulty part.


Sensor Data Integration Sensor Web Cyber-physical system 


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  1. 1.Korea Railroad Research InstituteUiwangKorea

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