• Martin Grunow
  • Poorya Farahani
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This chapter discusses how to develop a detailed distribution plan (deployment plan) to appropriately fill confirmed sales orders and how to replenish inventories at warehouses or distribution centers (DCs) in anticipation of their future demand. In Section 8.1, the deployment problem is discussed. A basic variant of this problem is explained, and a general framework is developed which classifies di erent extensions. Section 8.2 discusses the planning tasks and data relevant for solving the deployment problem for the Frutado company. The LP formulation of the deployment problem for the Frutado company is presented and explained in Section 8.3. Section 8.4 outlines the implementation procedure of this deployment planning problem in SAP APO and introduces the potential solution methods that can be selected to solve the problem. The learning units for deployment planning are discussed in Section 8.5.


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