Power Profiling-Guided Floorplanner for Thermal Optimization in 3D Multiprocessor Architectures

  • Ignacio Arnaldo
  • José L. Risco-Martín
  • José L. Ayala
  • J. Ignacio Hidalgo
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6951)


3D integration has become one of the most promising techniques for the integration future multi-core processors, since it improves performance and reduces power consumption by decreasing global wire length. However, 3D integration causes serious thermal problems since the closer proximity of heat generating dies makes existing thermal hotspots more severe. Thermal-aware floorplanners can play an important role to improve the thermal profile, but they have failed in considering the dynamic power profiles of the applications. This paper proposes a novel thermal-aware floorplanner guided by the power profiling of a set of benchmarks that are representative of the application scope. The results show how our approach outperforms the thermal metrics as compared with the worst-case scenario usually considered in ”traditional” thermal-aware floorplanners.


Shared Memory Power Dissipation Mixed Integer Linear Program Wire Length Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm 
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  • Ignacio Arnaldo
  • José L. Risco-Martín
  • José L. Ayala
  • J. Ignacio Hidalgo

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