Integrated Discretization Error

  • Jean Jacod
  • Philip Protter
Part of the Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability book series (SMAP, volume 67)


In this chapter, which slightly deviates from the general topic of this book, we study another type of functionals. Namely, if \(X^{n}_{t}=X_{[t/ \varDelta _{n}]}\) denotes the process obtained by discretization of the Itô semimartingale X along a regular grid with stepsize Δ n , we study the integrated error: this can be \(\int_{0}^{t}(f(X^{n}_{s})-f(X_{s}))\,ds\) or, in the L p sense, \(\int_{0}^{t}|f(X^{n}_{s})-f(X_{s})|^{p}\,ds\).

In both cases, and if f is C 2, these functionals, suitably normalized, converge to a non-trivial limiting process. In the first case, the proper normalization is 1/Δ n , exactly as if X were a non-random function with bounded derivative. In the second case, one would expect the normalizing factor to be \(1/ \varDelta _{n}^{p/2}\), at least when p≥2: this is what happens when X is continuous, but otherwise the normalizing factor is 1/Δ n , regardless of p≥2.


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