Coulombic Entanglement: One-Step Single Photoionization of Atoms

  • N. Chandra
  • R. Ghosh
Part of the Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics book series (SSAOPP, volume 67)


Photoionization (1.1) is, probably, the simplest among the basic processes in atomic and molecular physics for generating an entangled state of two flying particles one of which is an electronic qubit. It is simplest for two reasons: First, the whole process is completed in a single step; second, it is based on the well-understood physics of photoelectric effect [1] taking place due to the absorption of a single photon γ r in a target \(\mathfrak{T}\) in the E1 approximation. Here, it is obvious from (1.1), the constituents of a bipartite state are the residual photoion \({\mbox{ $\mathfrak{T}$}}^{1+}\) and the photoelectron e p . Unlike the processes (1.2)-(1.8), the incident photon in (1.1) is absorbed by one of the electrons in the outer most shell of \(\mathfrak{T}\) so that the residual photoion \({\mbox{ $\mathfrak{T}$}}^{1+}\) is left in its ground electronic state \(\vert {1}^{+}\rangle\), which is stable against any decay.


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