Introduction and Preliminaries

  • N. Chandra
  • R. Ghosh
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The year 2005, under the auspices of the United Nations Organization (UNO), was celebrated as the International (or World) Year of Physics. It was as much in the memory of that Annus Mirabilis (Miracle Year) of 1905 in which Albert Einstein published his five famous papers [1–5] more than a century ago, as to honor their author himself by the whole world together. We now know the profound effects those five papers [1–5] have had not only on the development of science, in general, and physics, in particular; but also on the evolution, through these developments, of the human civilization we are enjoying today. One [1] of the five papers which Einstein wrote in the Annus Mirabilis, provided an explanation of the experimentally observed photoelectric effect [6, 7].


Nonradiative Decay Bipartite State Spin Angular Momentum Nonlocal Correlation Left Circularly Polarize 
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