FADS System Applied to a MAV

  • Ihab Samy
  • Da-Wei Gu
Part of the Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences book series (LNCIS, volume 419)


In this chapter a FADS system is designed and wind tunnel tested on a MAV wing (supplied by BlueBear Systems Research, BBSR Ltd). For an introduction to FADS systems the reader is referred to Chapter 3. The aim in this chapter is to design a FADS system which can convert aircraft surface pressure to 3 air data states; P ∞ , V ∞ , α The ideal location of the pressure ports (orifices) on the MAV wing must be first investigated via CFD simulation to avoid placing the ports at areas where surface pressure is insensitive to the desired air data. In our case both 2D and 3D CFD simulations are implemented, wind tunnel tests are carried out at Leicester University and the flight data is processed (offline) using an EMRAN RBF NN (Chapter 4).

This chapter is organised as follows. The MAV is presented in section 7.1. Section 7.2 discusses the 2D CFD simulations applied to a section of the MAV wing (i.e. an aerofoil) and the results are used to conclude a suitable location of the pressure ports. The final pressure port locations are outlined in section 7.3. In section 7.4 a 3D CFD simulation of the wing is also carried out to explain how the sideslip (β) cannot be accurately estimated based on the pressure port locations chosen. Sections 7.5-7.7 discuss the wind tunnel tests and section 7.8 is the results section where the FADS system is analysed in terms of; estimation accuracies for wind tunnel static and dynamic tests, fault tolerance performance and performance in comparison to a standard lookup table (LUT) approach.


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