Pre-Stack PRO: A High-Performance Seismic Data Processing Solution

  • Tobias Götz
  • Alexander Neundorf
Conference paper


This paper presents Pre-Stack PRO as a commercial HPC application in the field of the oil & gas industry. After a short introduction to seismic data in general, the paper presents the basic ideas behind Pre-Stack PRO and shows the way it helps customers, improve the way they used to work with seismic data. A closer view to the architecture of Pre-Stack PRO reveals the several levels or parallelization within the software as well as the idea of global collaboration using a single dedicated Pre-Stack PRO cluster from all over the world. Finally some of the fundamentals of Pre-Stack PRO are presented, such as the GPI, the 3D visualization engine and the parallel filesystem.


Seismic Data Remote Memory Seismic Data Processing Common Depth Point Global Collaboration 
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Special thanks to Statoil ASA for providing the seismic data set shown in some of the illustrations in this paper.

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  1. 1.Fraunhofer ITWMCompetence Center High Performance ComputingKaiserslauternGermany

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